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100 Percent List

Four kids, two foodie parents, all trying to get along

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What It's All About

The Author

We have four kids living in this house. I am a former baker and current occasional chef/caterer and serious foodie. I am married to a former sommelier and even more serious foodie. Yet one of our kid's favorite food is Hamburger Helper. Where did we go wrong?

The Project

I grew tired of the monotony of hearing "This is gross!" and "I told you I don't like cheese!" and "I hated this the last time you made me eat it!" I know kids don't necessarily rejoice at dishes they can't pronounce and anything that includes the words "tartare" or "aspic" or "terrine." But what drove me nuts was their flightiness, their habit of turning up their noses Friday at something they adored Tuesday. So I created The 100% List.

The List

Kids vote on whether or not something makes The List before they know what exactly went into the dish. I don't lie and tell them they're eating chicken when they're really eating eel, but I also refuse to tell them what they're eating before they decide whether or not to like it. Read the full info on this site s all four agreed upon 100%. Check it out here.

The Blog

This blog chronicles the ups and downs of trying, hopefully not in vain, to get four kids to learn to enjoy food that doesn't come from a brightly colored box with no expiration date.

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